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05 September 2009 @ 09:26 am
Background Information  
Based on a manhwa, Tamra the Island is about an English castaway, William and how he his washed up on the island and meets Jang Beo Jin. Set in the 17th century Joseon period, Beo Jin must keep William safe and survive the new addition to her house in the form of Park Kyu, a snobby exiled noble.
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Seo Woo as Jang Beo Jin

Im Ju Hwan as Park Kyu

Pierre Deporte as William Spencer

Lee Sun Ho as Yan Kawamura

Lee Seung Min as Seo Min

Byun Woo Min as Jang Won Bin

Yang Hee Kyung as Eom Ssa Boo In

Kim Yoo Jung as Jang Beo Seol

Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Jang Nyeo

Lee Ho Jae as Park Chul

Bang Eun Hee as Go Ba Soon

Jung Joo Ri as Han Boon

Jo Seung Yun as Kim Yi Bang

Lee Hae Woo as Hyang Dul Yi

Kim Ho Won as Hyang Dol Lee

- source and source

More to come. Any comments/additions would be helpful.
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