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Tamura Island

the livejournal community for the Tamura Island kdrama

Tamra Island
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This is a fan community for the kdrama Tamura Island (탐나는 도다). This comm is just getting started and will be getting some work done in the next few days.

Just a few quick rules:

01 Place spoilers under a cut and please label them so people aren't spoiled if they don't want to me.
02 Uploading is allowed. Subs, raws, the OST, graphics, etc. All are welcome here but be sure to lock them.
03 Fanworks including fanfics/fanart etc are also allowed.
04 Once I figure how I want them, you will be required to tag your entry.
05 Stay on topic. All posts should be about the drama or the actors of the drama.
06 Be nice to everyone. Friendly debates are welcome because not everyone will have the same opinion on things but no flaming or starting unnecessary drama.

More to come.
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